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Minami Tamagawa 玉川みなみ



Photography by Daisuke Mizushima

玉川学園高等部を卒業後、渡英。2004年にイギリスのLABANにて、BA(Hons.) Dance Theatre (学士)を首席で卒業。2004~5年、Transitions Dance Companyに所属し、Crystal Pite、Rafael Bonachela、Henry Montes、Alicia Herrero Simon、Thomas Lehmenなどの様々な国籍のコリオグラファーの作品に出演し、イギリス国内、シンガポール、東京ツアーを行う。ツアー中、パフォーマンスに加え、各地で小学生から大学生まで幅広い年代の人たちに、ワークショップを行う。
その後、ダンスパフォーマーとしての経験、知識を深めるため、2007年、LABANにてMA Dance Performance(修士)を修得。"'Something Special': Identification Of Exceptional Dance Performers" という題で、平均よりも秀でていると言われるダンスパフォーマーの特徴、トレーニング、なぜ周りから優れていると言われるか、平均的ダンサーとの違いなど、今までにない着眼点から研究する。
卒業後、ロンドンを基点に小学生から高校生にダンスを教える傍ら、LDDC (Laura Dredger Dance Company)、そして、振付家でありフィルムメーカーのChris Clowのもとでダンサーとして、Leila McMillanのリハーサルディレクターとして、また他にも多くの作品のクリエーション、パフォーマンスに参加する。2008年に、ノルウェー人の作曲家Kaja Bjørntvedtとのコラボレーションのソロ作品「失われた女」を発表。

ダンサーとして常にアクティブに身体を動かしている生活の中で、身体も心も落ち着ける時間を持ちたいという理由で、ロンドン在住時にシヴァナンダヨガに出会い、その全人性に魅せられる。身体への興味と教えることへの情熱から、2008年にオーストリアのSivananda Yoga Vedanta Centreにて、全米ヨガアライアンス認定シヴァナンダヨガTTCを修了。2008年に帰国。東京都内のヨガスタジオなどでシヴァナンダヨガを教える。現在は、兵庫県神戸に在住。


Minami Tamagawa was a member of readers' theatre company, D.I.L., and had studied and performed under Akira Okada since she was 5 years old. She toured nationally and internationally with the company for many years.

After graduating Tamagawagakuen High School, Minami moved to the UK to study contemporary dance. In 2004, she gained a 1st class BA(Hons.) in Dance Theatre at LABAN, London. From 2004-2005, Minami was a member of Transitions Dance Company and worked with choreographers from around the world such as Crystal Pite, Rafael Bonachela, Henry Montes, Alicia Herrero Simon, and Thomas Lehmen. She toured with the company across the UK, and in Singapore and Tokyo. While on tour, she taught a variety of dance workshops to local dancers with a wide age range from children to adults.

In order to deepen her understanding and knowledge as a dance performer, Minami ran a research project called "Something Special: Identification Of Exceptional Dance Performers". She researched and examined what it is to be exceptional in contemporary dance performance, and how to identify a dancer as exceptional. With this unconventional but significant research, she gained a MA in Dance Performance at LABAN, London in 2007.

After finishing her MA, Minami performed for LDDC (Laura Dredger Dance Company), a choreographer/film-maker Chris Clow,and worked with Leila McMillan as a rehearsal director, alongside teaching young dancers in London. In 2008, in collaboration with a Norwegian composer, Kaja Bjørntvedt, Minami presented a solo work in London, "Ushinawareta Onna".

Minami started Sivananda Yoga as a way of finding calmness and stillness in her body, mind and spirit to balance her active physical and emotional experience as a dance performer. She was fascinated by the holistic approach of Sivananda Yoga and this prompted her to complete the Teacher Training Course at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in Austria in 2008.

Since she moved back to Tokyo in 2008, Minami has been teaching Sivananda Yoga, as well as teaching contemporary dance. She is also a performer and rehearsal director of synapse. Since 2013, she has been based in Kobe, Hyogo.