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The world that the dance company synapse creates is abstract yet deeply dramatic. Since its formation in London in 2001, the company has worked together with collaborators in original music, costume, film and stage design, to create dance pieces that stimulate the audience to re-visit emotions and events deep within their memories. 

A 'synapse' occurs in the nervous system and is a structure that makes connections between nerves. As one recognises a red apple, for example, the synapse passes a fragmented signal from one nerve to another. The brain combines these signals to finally understand that it is seeing ‘a red apple.’
The company aims to work in the same way by presenting a range of different fragmented signals to the audience that they can combine to awaken their ‘cell memories'.

In our dance classes, we aim to enable people to find better connections between the mind and body, and also within the body between the joints and muscles.


Watch synapse's videos here!

'magic if', kawasaki ART center, 2009.

'fractured landscapes -壊れた景色-', kawasaki ART center, 2009.

'maybe we were...', Yokohama Dance Collection R, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, 2009.

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