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Yoga Class Descriptions.



 4 types of classes (scroll down for detail) aiming for different purposes. Through our extensive experience of training and teaching dance and yoga, we give an accurate guide for each student according to their stages of practice. We will lead the classes with detailed explanation, demonstration and adjustments to help you with deeper understanding of yoga practice.


Sivananda Yoga


 A 90 minutes class-starting with mantra,breathing exercises, sun salutation and 12 basic poses then finishing with mantra. Having Savasana in between each asana to relax the body completely to maximise the effect of asana. The aim of the class is to balance the mind, the body and the spirit. Suitable for beginners and intermediate students.


Hatha Yoga


 A 60 minutes class. In Sanskrit, ha means the sun and inhalation, ta means the moon and exhalation. By practicing pranayama and asana we control the energy between yin and yang and aims to harmonise mind, body and spirit. There are some challenging asana in this class.


Vinyasa Flow


 A 60 minute class. It is a powerful and active class by connecting asana one after the other and focusing on its flow. By connecting the flow of breathing and movements it will encourage you to harmonise mind and body and it is also a great physical training. This class works on both flexibility and strength at the same time.




 This is a workout class using some yoga asana. As trained dancers we will help you improve muscle strength. You will have a better understanding of asana by working on your muscle strength. Suitable from those who 'simply want to get fitter', to professional dancers or athletes.

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